Jezebel’s 7th Birthday

Friday 12th September 2014

Yes, it’s a big day in the Livesey household today. It’s Jezebel’s 7th birthday. She celebrated by having a lie-in until lunchtime! So in the morning Max and I went to Upton Country Park for a walk.

Once again the cows were busy having their breakfast (or is it their second breakfast?). For today I thought they would look rather good in Black and White.

The cows are breakfasting again

And further on along the path a dog walker and a workman had stopped for a quick chat.


On the wood chippings pile I found some more Hare’s Foot Inkcaps. This one looked rather pretty until Max came along with his big feet and knocked it over. As you can see, though, there are more pushing their way through.

As Max topples one, other Hare's Foot Inkcaps are springing up

And, of course, Max had to go in the stream.

Max in the stream

When we got down to the shoreline there was a huge amount of noise from the gathered waterfowl. Once again, I preferred this photo in black and white.

The waterfowl were noising this morning

And so back home and, after lunch, once Jezebel had stirred herself, it was time for her birthday celebrations. First there was presents. Notice that the toys are ignored – all the dogs are interested in are the rawhide treats.

Never mind the presents, lets have the treats

They went down really well, and Jez was soon back for seconds.

Jez gets a birthday treat

After that the dogs had a bit of a play while I made some peanut butter cookies (Jez’s favourites) in lieu of cake. I’ve invited Dad for lunch on Sunday so we will have cakes then.

Finally, here is Jez, lying on the lawn.

Jezebel on her 7th birthday

Happy Birthday Jezebel. May you have many more of them.

A year ago today

Well, of course, it was Jezebel’s birthday. Once again she stayed in bed in the morning, while Max and I went for a walk around Wareham. This photo is of the Quay.

Wareham Quay


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