Max is in the wars again

Saturday 13th September 2014

It’s been a long time since we’ve had problems with Max limping. His issue used to be a soft tissue injury in his right shoulder. Then last year we discovered he had arthritis around the base of his spine, so he has been on an anti-inflammatory drug, Metacam, ever since. Today when Chris bought him back from his walk he told me he was limping badly on his back right leg when he ran or was at a trot. Nevertheless I took both him and Jez when I went over to Upton Heath in the afternoon. We didn’t have much of a walk though. Max really was limping badly, and didn’t seem keen to walk anywhere at all at first. In the end we got as far as the edge of Pinesprings Nature reserve. I took this photo of him while Jez had a rest.

Max at Pinesprings

He’s on the lead so that I could keep him at walking pace.

The only other photo I have from today, because our walk was so short, is of Jez lying down.

Jez at Pinesprings

And that was as far as we got. We never made it to the Heath. I did bring Max home and give him a bath though.

A year ago today

We spotted the buzzard at Upton Country Park.

A powerful bird


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