A short walk at Upton Country Park

Friday 19th September 2014

Poor Max is really in the wars. I phoned the vet this morning as Max’s skin infection is getting worse rather than better, despite me bathing it twice a day and giving him antibiotics. I knew that the answer was likely to be a steriod injection and that he cannot have those while he is on his Metacam (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication). The vet agreed that I had done the right thing and we have an appointment with him tomorrow morning. So that means Max is taking nothing to ease the swelling and pain around his strained cruciate ligament, so walks will have to be kept to a mimimum.

Consequently I decided to take both Jez and Max to Upton Country Park today but to keep the walk quite short. My original plan was to miss out the Woodland Walk and keep to the main path, but Jez had other ideas. So we went through the Woodland Walk, where we met the Segway tour again, and onto the lake, where Jez had a bit of a dip.

Jez in the lake

As we headed turned back onto the main path I noticed this lovely little bunch of Sulpher Tuft fungi.

Sulpher Tuft Fungi

And that was about it for today. We continued on around the back of the Country Park, but then cut up through the gardens back to the car. It’s enough for Jez really and was certainly plenty for Max. Lets hope the vet can do something about his skin infection tomorrow morning.

A year ago today

We went to Broadstone Rec. for our walk, where I took this photo of Jez on the cricket pitch.

Jez takes a break from playing cone


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