Autumn is coming to Broadstone Rec.

Thursday 19th September 2014

Yes, Autumn is almost upon us. We had a late walk this morning as I waited until the guys fitting our new gas fire arrived before taking the dogs out. Once they arrived I took both Jez and Max to Broadstone Recreation ground. When Jez was having physio for her strained cruciate ligament a few years back we used to go there as there are steep hills to walk up (good for muscle maintenance) and we can come downhill on the playing fields in a zig-zag pattern (steep downhill slopes are bad as it puts pressure on the cruciate). I can also keep the walk fairly short.

So, as I was saying, Autumn is definitely coming to Broadstone Rec. First there are the berries.


And then there are the fungi. These are a group of sulpher tufts.

Sulpher Tuft Fungi

And this, I think, is a member of the Russula family.

Fallen star

We kept the walk fairly short and then had a little sit down and play on the cricket pitch before going home. When we got back the fitters had gone and I found I had a lovely new gas fire, which, I think you’ll agree, looks so much better than the old monstrosity that was there before.

New Fire!

Of course, Max immediately had to go and investigate and managed to dribble water all over it!

A year ago today

Max and I went to Canford Heath where we met some of our friends. Looks like it might have been raining earlier on that morning.

A general meet up on Canford Heath


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