Confined to barracks

Saturday 20th September 2014

That was the vet’s advice on Max’s ongoing exercise regime, or lack of it. Actually, he said ‘Pretty much confined to barracks’, which at least gives me the option of walking him a short way around Creekmoor Ponds to give him a bit of stimulation. We saw the vet first thing, and Max had his steriod injection and was put on some new stronger, more specific antibiotics. But the steroid injection means that he can’t have his Metacam to help his leg for a week, hence the significantly reduced exercise.

So today I took Max for a few short walks around the smaller of Creekmoor Ponds (and the one nearest to us). I took this photo during one of those walks.


In the afternoon I took Jez for a walk on Upton Heath. I drove her over and we did a circular walk of the lower heath. That said, we met so many people and spent so long chatting that it took us about an hour and a half in total. Never mind, it was a very pleasant walk. Here is Jez about half way round – with her tongue out again!

Jez has got her tongue out again

After we got back home Max decided to go and lay in the garden. He seems to be feeling very sorry for himself. On the vet’s advice I had treating him to hot and cold packs on his poorly knee. Here he is lying in the garden with one of those microwaveable heat packs (actually designed for your neck) on his leg.

Max with a heat pad on his poorly knee

He’s a good boy and basically lets me do whatever needs doing to him.

A year ago today

Max and I went out to Corfe Castle for a long walk.

Corfe Castle from the west


2 thoughts on “Confined to barracks

  1. That first picture of Max is stunning! And, on Corfe Castle – is that where you took me when I visited, now oh so many years ago? That’s also a beautiful pic.

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