Should I give up daily posts

Tuesday 23rd September 2014

I keep talking about it, and on days like today you can see why. If I don’t really do much, such as at the moment when walking the dogs is at a minimum, then I find I don’t really get to take any photos. I’m conscious of the fact that this blog is called ‘Pictures from Everyday Life’ and that my original intention was to take photos of all sorts of everyday things, but sadly I’ve never really found the inspiration for that, and when I have I’m not happy with the photos I take.

So the upshot of all this is that I end up with days like today, when I’ve gone all day and not taken a photo, and then realise at about 8pm at night. And the result of a forced photo at that time of night is this.

Night-time walk

Max on his night-time walk with his back to me, taken on my iPhone. Not appealing as a photograph in any sense of the word. It also does nothing to portray the fact that today was the first day of Autumn.

Chris has suggested I post weekly, but I think if I move away from daily I’d rather go back to ad hoc and not be tied to a schedule. That way, hopefully, you will still get lots of photos, but they may actually be of a better quality.

I’m also thinking of changing the Theme as the text is not very clear on that black background, which I chose to show off the photos. So I’ll try and find a decent photographic theme for the blog with a better text display.

If anyone has any thoughts on what I’ve just written, please feel free to share them.

A year ago today

I found this Comma Butterfly on Canford Heath

Comma Butterfly


7 thoughts on “Should I give up daily posts

  1. Do what feels right for you, then your posts will be natural and not forced and will be that much the better for it. That’s my view.

    Recently I have stopped daily posting as I have just far too much other work to do and if I did a post on some days it would be for the sake of it. As a result I feel it would not be right for the blog – best to pass on a day when that is the case. At the moment I am posting probably every other day but it is definitely ad-hoc.

    Additionally I do not have time to go around commenting and reading other blogs as I would like, but hey that is the current situation.

    In a nutshell, enjoy what you do, however frequently you post.

    Have a great weekend, MM πŸ€

    • Thanks very much Mick. You’ve pretty much summed up what I’ve been trying to tell myself – that the posts will be far better if I’m not taking photos and posting just for the sake of it. The trouble was I got myself into the habit and now feel guilty breaking it! But I’m like you. I try and read other posts but keep finding that I don’t have the time – which is odd really since I am retired and don’t do anything except keep house and walk the dogs! I never know how I found time for anything when I used to work about 9 hours a day.

  2. I always enjoy taking virtual walks with you, Jez, and Max! I also love your photography, but like Mick (above) I never have time for daily posts, so it’s always ad hoc for me. Whatever you decide, I will look forward to your future posts πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Emily. I’m pleased you enjoy the virtual walks. I’ve said to Mick, I’m sure the blog will be better if I’m not forcing myself to take photos and post every day. I just have to break the habit!

  3. I certainly enjoy your posts. I like the natural feel of your images. I think you should persist and develop that which you find interesting. It is up to the reader to be interested in your content – be true to yourself and your interests. At the end of the day, it is you that must enjoy what you do – others will follow your enthusiasm and your day to day excursions. I hope this is helpful.

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