I’m still the principal dog walker

Friday 26th September 2014

Chris is much better – just not up to taking the dogs out for very long. He has taken Max round the pond though. And at the moment Jez is staying in bed all morning, so I’ve simply been taking them for an afternoon walk.

Before that, though I was sitting at the computer. I have recently set up a bird feeder that I had originally given to my Dad but which failed to attract any small birds (seagulls, magpies and squirrels only). It’s in the flower bed just outside the patio door. So as I sit and type or edit photos I can see the birds – and hopefully grab the camera as I did this morning. Here’s a little Blue Tit for you. Firstly head on…

Head on

… and then showing me a very fluffy bottom!

Fluffy bottom

I also had a squirrel come to visit.


The birds are still getting used to the feeder, plus there are still lots of insects / berries around for them, but I’m hoping for some good shots as time goes on.

Friday is also grocery shopping day. I do my grocery shopping in Wimborne, and last week had seen some nice ankle boots in a shop there. So today I went and bought them – they are flat, soft leather for wearing under my jeans when I do thinks like go shopping. I also bought a new pair of slippers and some wool and a pattern to make a cardigan.

After lunch Chris and I started to tackle a job that needs to be done over the next 3 days: removing the fitted bedroom furniture so that some new furniture can be installed next Monday. Here’s Chris starting to take the wardrobes apart.

Taking out the fitted wardrobes

We took out one wardrobe and the centre and left the last one until tomorrow. We’ve also got to remove the coving and that panel from the ceiling.

A bit later on I took the dogs to Delph Woods. Here’s Max by the lake.

Max by the lake

We also visited the little doggie activity area, although Max wasn’t too sure what that ramp is for.

Max isn't sure what to do next

And something slightly different – here’s Jez at the end of the tunnel.

Jez at the end of the tunnel

We ended up having a sit down on the cricket pitch, where I took this photo of Jez from a slightly unusual angle.

Jez on the cricket pitch

And after that it was home to prepare supper.

A year ago today

I found these rather nice Russet Shank fungi on Canford Heath.

Russet Shank fungi (Collybia dryophila)


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