I’ve got a poorly husband

Wednesday 24th September 2014

Chris has gone down with a sickness bug that he seems to get once or twice a year, so I know that it will knock him out for about 36 hours. That means I’m doing all the dog walking today. The upshot of this is that after my comments yesterday I have quite a few photos today. However, it was raining first thing so it was mid-morning before the rain stopped and I got to take Max for a quick walk around Creekmoor Ponds. We only walk around the smallest pond in the mornings. A path runs between the two ponds, which looked like this after this morning’s rain.

The path through Creekmoor Ponds

Of course, the ducks didn’t care about the rain. I’ve called this photo ‘I’ve got my ducks in a row’.

I've got my ducks in a row

I had one more little job to do when I got home: I had caught myself a mouse in the living room, so had to go and release it round by the ponds.

I caught another mouse

In the afternoon Jez managed to stir herself and I took both dogs to Upton Country Park. It was a bit too far for Max really so we just walked around the back of the park. I took this photo from the boardwalk and as you can see, have played around with vignetting.

View over Upton Lake

We cut back up through the gardens and today I let Jez go through the flower gardens and round into the walled garden. She had to stop for a rest in the flower garden, where I took this photo. You can see the walled garden through the gate.

Jez in the flower garden

I think the vignetting works really well on that photo.

After that it was home, dinner, and then a night-time walk for both dogs. We have to take them separately at the moment though as Jez races around after dark and we need to keep to a more sedate pace for Max. So it was two night-time walks for me.

A year ago today

We wemt to the River Stour at Cowgrove, where this Little Egret was fishing for it’s breakfast.

Little Egret


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