The bedroom furniture is being installed

Monday 29th September 2014

We weren’t too sure what time the fitter was arriving so were up fairly early and cleared the remainder of the bedroom furniture out. I am taking a small chest of drawers to Dad and we had put that in the back of the car last night. The fitter arrived around 8.30am with a van full of our new furniture.

The new bedroom furniture has arrived

He laid out his dust covers in the bedroom and then was ready to begin.

Waiting for the new wardrobes

At this point I packed the dogs in the car and took them over to Dad’s for the day to get them out of the way. Whilst there I tidied up his flower beds and after lunch we all went for a walk to Nea Meadows Nature Reserve. I didn’t take any photos there today though: there just didn’t seem to be the right photo opportunities.

Chris phoned at around 4pm to say the guy had finished but that there were problems. Well what a surprise! Apparently there was confusion as to how to fit the new headboard (it should be on the wall but is currently on the bed), and there are some parts missing for 3 of the drawers. We’ve got no idea when it will be fixed. I wasn’t impressed given the amount we had paid for this stuff. I’ll post photos tomorrow though.

A year ago today

I seem to have taken quite a few photos of fungi on Canford Heath, like this Wood Blewit

Wood Blewit


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