Time to start clearing up the garden for Autumn

Sunday 28th September 2014

So that gives you a bit of a clue about what I was doing this morning. Chris took Max out, so I had at least part of the time being able to get on in peace and quiet without him bothering me to throw something for him all the time. I also caught up with all the backing up of my photos, which had got a little bit behind. while I was sitting at the laptop the squirrel came and paid another visit to the bird feeder.

The squirrel is back

After lunch I took Jez over to Canford Heath. She seems really stiff and out of sorts at the moment, and I didn’t think she was going to come with me. And when we did get there it was a very slow start. I had parked in Steeple Close, and she decided that she would walk down the Redbrick Path. Which was fine going down: a bit slow and lots of sniffing, but it’s her walk. As we got to the point to turn back though she decided she’d had enough and lay down. It took me ages to move her and when I did manage it she moved a few yards and then lay down again. And that set the pattern for most of our walk back up the path. It took us ages. Here she in on one of her rest breaks.

Jez on the Redbrick Path

Luckily when we got about half way up some other dogs came along and she seemed happy to walk with them. Otherwise I think it might have taken me another hour to get home.

A year ago today

We went to Upton Heath, where I took this photo of Mr Nosy.



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