In which I hear voices from on high

Friday 3rd October 2014

This morning I got up and did my grocery shopping before trying to take Jez out. I thought I would give her a chance to wake up, which worked really well. Chris had taken Max for his short morning walk so I took Jez to Upton Country Park where the workmen are making good progress putting in the new paths on the far side of the Woodland Walk.

Progress at the Country Park

I din’t think we were going to get very far. Jez didn’t seem to want to walk and at one point went on one of her lie-down protests.

Jez has a rest in the Woodland Walk

I eventually managed to move her on, though, and we continued through the Woodland Walk, which is still looking very green.

No sign of these leaves turning yet

I’m still spending most of my time looking for fungi, and it still seems too dry, on the whole, for them. I did find these oyster mushrooms, bathed in a patch on sunlight at the base of a tree though.

Oyster Mushrooms

As Jez hadn’t seemed to want to walk very far I thought we would turn back when we got to the lake, but after being in the water Jez had other ideas and headed on around the main path. When we got near to the gate along the back path I could hear voices, but as hard as I searched I couldn’t see anyone else around. Then I looked up…

I thought I heard voices coming from on high

They are braver than me!

High Wire act

We walked on round, stopping and chatting along the way. I walked Jez back to the car through the old orchard and the gardens. I thought that would be plenty far enough for her as she still seems quite stiff. It was a pleasant walk today though and longer than I was expecting when we set out.

A year ago today

Max and I went to Parkstone Bay where he was not at all happy about the sound of the waves slapping against the steps.

And he's out of there!


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