Jez opts for our normal Saturday walk on Upton Heath

Saturday 4th October 2014

Chris took Max out for his morning walk this morning – in the pouring rain. Jez, unsurprisingly, stayed in bed until the rain had passed and so came out with me in the afternoon. I had intended to walk her around the lower heath as she has not seemed too mobile of late, but when I got her onto Upton Heath she decided that she wanted to do our normal Saturday walk over the top of the heath, so I followed her.

First we walked through the woods, where the sunlight was filtering down through the still-green sweet chestnut leaves.

Sunlight through the sweet chestnut leaves

Then we headed up the Roman Road. Jez was setting a reasonable pace and I was walking quite fast to keep up with her. Then she realised that there were some dogs she knew up ahead and she picked up speed to catch up with them, so I was left trailing behind. On the plus side it did mean that she didn’t lead me around Pinesprings today. We caught up with the dogs (4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels) and walked onto the heath with them. Eventually we left them as we headed up to Beacon Road and around the back of the hill, where I took this photo of Jez walking along the path.

Jez makes her way along the path

She was heading for the little pool of water she and Max like to go in.

Time for Jez to cool down

From there we picked up the main path again and headed back down the hill across the heath. At the bottom of the hill, where the silver birch trees have blown down / been cut down, I took this photo of some more Birch Bracket Fungi. I thought it was interesting the way the one fungus had moulded itself around the little twig.

Birch Bracket Fungi

We continued on and Jez had another cool down in Max’s favourite pond and then he came on home. If I thought Jez would be tired I was wrong: she came home and wanted to play. So much for her feeling under the weather at the moment!

A year ago today

Oh dear! I’ve done it again. I posted today’s ‘a year ago’ yesterday. So here is a photo from 3rd October last year to compensate. Jez, Max and I went to Upton Country Park and got caught in very heavy rain. Jez doesn’t do heavy rain.

Oh dear! Jez doesn't do heavy rain


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