A walk at sunset

Monday 6th October 2014

It was raining hard this morning, so I did my grocery shopping first thing again. By the time I got home it was clearing up, but Jez did not want to go for a walk. Chris took her out in the afternoon and she once again decided that she was going to stay out for a couple of hours. So it meant that I was late taking poor Max for his afternoon walk. By the time we got out the sun was going down. I treated him to a walk to his favourite pond on Upton Heath. It was a bit far for him really as he’s still limping a lot, but the poor little dog needs some excitement in life. Not that you would know he was excited to be there from this photo.

Max in the pond at sunset

Turning to look west from the pond the view was lovely.

Sunset over Upton Heath

And finally, as we headed back home, this was the view across the heath.

Sunset over Upton Heath

It may have meant I was a bit late getting dinner, but it was a lovely walk in the late evening sunshine.

A year ago today

I took both Jez and Max for a walk on Canford Heath where we found lots of fungi, like these.

Fungi on log, Canford Heath


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