My Uncle Charlie would have been 100 years old today

10th October 2014

Sadly my uncle is no longer with us, but today would have been his 100th birthday. This is a photo of him with his daughter, Linda.


Tonight we will raise a glass in his honour, so ‘Bottoms up!’

Bottoms up!

That’s a photo of a cheeky little Coal Tit that I took in the garden, through the patio windows, this morning while I was eating my breakfast.

After breakfast I did the shopping and then got ready to take the dogs out. I had just got Max in the car when this happened.

Look what happened when we tried to go for our walk this morning

I took that from inside the open boot of the car where I was sitting with Max. Jez waited in the house. Eventually the rain stopped and we all set off for Broadstone Rec, where once again Max spent his time hunting out the perfect sweet chestnut.

Sweet Chestnut

And lastly today, here is Max, taken just before we came home.


After all that rain we actually had a rather nice walk in the sunshine.

A year ago today

Max and I went to Badbury Rings on a lovely sunny day.

Tramlines to a lone cloud

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