Jez and I meet Vinnie

Saturday 11th October 2014

Sorry for the delay in posting everyone, but as will become clear as I start to catch up, we’ve been away for a few days. We’re back now though and I can start to bring you up to date.

So, back to a week last Saturday, when Jez and I went for a walk on Upton Heath. As we walked through the gate onto the heath we met a man with a 13 week old Jack Russell puppy called Vinnie. Vinnie was a bit nervous: it was his first time on the heath and it must have looked a big scary place to him. Once he got used to Jezabel and realised that she might be big compared to him, but she certainly wasn’t scary, his confidence grew and we walked part of the way round with him and his owner.

Here’s Vinnie on the hill heading towards the old railway line, with Jez in the background.

Say hello to Vinnie

As I was saying, the heath can look a bit scary when you’re Vinnie’s size.

A puppy's eye view of the path

But with each step his confidence grew and he was soon striding out and having a good sniff around.

Stepping out confidently

We left Vinnie and his owner at Max’s favourite pond. His owner was really pleased that they’d been able to walk with Jez as he felt it had done Vinnie a lot of good.

After that Jez and I walked on round the lower heath. Here some people are walking through the pine trees next to the silver birch copse.

Strolling through the trees

And lastly for today, a little scene that I thought looked very autumnal.

Autumn colours

It was a nice walk in the sunshine. The weather looks as though it might be set to change though.

A year ago today

Looks like we only walked around Creekmoor Ponds. Here’s a shot over the larger pond.

Creekmoor Ponds


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