Langdon Wood and Seatown

Tuesday 14th October (Part 1)

Today was the first day of our holiday. It didn’t start that well: Max couldn’t settle and kept me awake for a large part of the night, plus the bed was extremely uncomfortable (which was a shame as the rest of the caravan was really nice). In the morning Max and I were joined by both Chris and Jez, so it was all a bit of a squash.

This bed isn't quite big enough for all of us

As you may guess from the ‘Part 1’ above, I am posting today’s photos over two entries due to the fact that there are so many photos. Even so I will only include a selection. You can see the remainder by clicking on any of the photos in the Flickr stream to the right and going on over to my Flickr account.

Before we left home I had looked out a couple of walks to do with the dogs, bearing in mind that Jez can’t walk too far and Max is still carrying his cruciate injury. The first of these was Langdon Wood, which is a wooded hill above the village of Chideok and forms part of the National Trust Golden Cap estate. After all the rain yesterday I was expecting it to be really wet, but the path was surprisingly dry. And we had the good fortune to get occasional glimpses of sunlight. Here are Chris and the dogs heading along the main path out of the car park.

Walking around Landgon Wood

A little bit further along, this was the view over Chideok.

Chideok from Langdon Wood

And the view out to sea.

View from Langdon Wood

I really liked the light for that one.

As we walked on around the hill we were treated to views over Golden Cap. That’s Lyme Regis you can see in the distance across the bay.

Golden Cap

I was right about the distance for the walk – it was just right for the dogs, although we did take the slightly shorter of two paths around the hill. After the rain Max was pretty dirty so on the way back to the caravan I turned off in Chideok and headed down to the little hamlet of Seatown, which basically seems to be a hamlet with a pub on the edge of the beach which charges far too much money to use their car park off-season.

Seatown, Dorset

Here’s Chris and the dogs on the beach.

Chris, Jez and Max at Seatown

This was the little stream that ran between the pub and the car park before flowing into the sea. I love the way the sky is reflected in in.

Seatown, Dorset

And lastly, one of the cottages close to the beach.

Cottage, Seatown, Dorset

After Seatown we went back to West Bay where we bought rolls for lunch. We then spent a relaxing couple of hours in the caravan before leaving for our afternoon walk which will follow in part 2.

A year ago today

We met some of doggie friends on Upton Heath. Sadly, Cindy, the lurcher on the far right, died a couple of weeks ago. Coincidentally, she was taken ill at the end of a holiday in West Bay.

We were joined by Janet with Oakley and Cindy


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