Incredible light for photography

Wednesday 15th October 2014 (Part 2)

After our walk on Stonebarrow Down we went back to the caravan, stopping to get some rolls on the way, and hadn’t been back long when the heavens opened. We had torrential rain from about 1pm, so after lunch Chris and I decided to sit and watch a DVD. At 3pm I noticed that the rain seemed to have stopped, and by 3.30pm it seemed to be brightening up, so I suggested we get the dogs out for their afternoon walk while we could. As we thought it might rain again we headed to the west beach at West Bay, which was nearest to us. The tide was in and the sea was rough, but the sun kept peeking out through the clouds, all of which made for some fairly dramatic photographs.

Stormy Weather

We went onto the beach and Max happily chased his cone around.


He wasn’t too keen on the larger waves though.

Run Max!

From the beach we went out to the end of the new Jurassic Pier. In the first set of photos I took West Bay and the cliffs were in the shade, with just the black sky behind them. But as I watched the sun moved along the cliffs from west to east, and so we waited. It was worth it.

This is the entrance to the old harbour from the Jurassic Pier.

Entrance to the old harbour from the Jurassic Pier

And this is a slightly wider view.

West Bay from the Jurassic Pier

Here are those famous cliffs lit by the sun.

Bathed in Sunlight

The harbour looked much better today in better light.

West Bay harbour

This shot is looking roughtly north across the harbour.

West Bay harbour

St John’s Church.

St John's Church, West Bay

And lastly, Chris and the dogs head back towards the caravan park, with the Riverside Restaurant lit by the sun in the background.

Riverside Restaurant and Fast Food outlets

We got back shortly before it started raining again!

I hope you’ve liked this afternoon’s photos: I was very pleased with them. There are a few more from today on my Flickr stream (see right).


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