Stonebarrow Down

Wednesday 15th October 2014 (Part 1)

Another 2 part day today. This first entry will be quite short though. In the morning we went for a walk on another part of the National Trust’s Golden Cap Estate, known as Stonebarrow Down. It was quite high and exposed – and windy! This was a view taken from towards the end of our circular walk looking across to Golden Cap.

Stonebarrow Down, Dorset

Here’s Chris and the dogs walking across the fields towards Monument Copse. It is called Monument Copse because there is a monument in there to a local squire who was killed in 1876.

Chris and the dogs head towards Westhay Farm

From there we walked on towards Westhay Farm, which was given to the National Trust in 1961 and was the first land they owned on the Golden Cap Estate. From there we had to turn back uphill. The National Trust has kindly put in steps, and you can see Chris trudging up them here. If he thought it was hard going, spare a thought for poor little Jez who, with her back and arthritis isn’t too good at stairs.

Truding up the hill

After we had reached the top we followed the path towards the carpark. The dogs were running around and I went to get a photo across to Charmouth (see below) when I realised we were on the edge of an inland cliff, which I believe is called Cain’s Folly. Needless to say the dogs were quickly put back on their leads.

Looking across Cain's Folly to Charmouth

We then headed back to the car and home for lunch before the forecast rain set in.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk on Canford Heath.

Max on the old Coach Road


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