Back at the beach

Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Our day was turned around a bit today. I got Chris to take the dogs out in the morning while I did things around the house. Then in the afternoon I took them over to visit Dad. He’s making good progress (he broke his hip in May) and is working hard at walking without a stick. I thought I’d get him out so I suggested taking the dogs down onto the beach at Barton-on-Sea. I knew the dogs would love it and there is a big slope down to the beach and then back up, so I thought it would be good exercise for Dad and a change from his routine of walking around Nea Meadows.

So we went to the the beach.


Max was really, really happy.

Max on the beach

And Jez was happy too, although I managed to take a photo that has made her look like a giant dog out of some sort of horror film.

Larger than Life

We had a nice walk and the stiff breeze blew away the cobwebs. Of course, I got stuck in traffic coming home as usual.

A year ago today

We went for a bit of a damp walk around Upton Country Park, which was looking very autumnal.

Autumn colout


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