Jez was a real pain today

Sunday 26th October 2014

I spent the morning baking: rolls for lunch and a chocolate marble cake as I had eggs that needed using up. In the afternoon I took both dogs over to Canford Heath. We started out ok and walked from Gravel Hill across to Steeple Close. Jez didn’t even want to go down the Red Brick path as she often does and I thought all was going well. Near the pond I took a photo of some very colourful blackberry leaves.

Autumn colour from the blackberries

And then Jez decided she didn’t want to go where I wanted to go. I put her on the lead and practically dragged her up the hill. At the top I inteneded to head towards the gully and the stream for Max, but Jez refused to come that way. I’d let her off the lead by then, and when I tried to go back to her she ran off and chose the path she wanted to take. Eventually I caught up with her, put her back on the lead and we headed in a large circle back to the top of the Red Brick path, after which I took the shortest route back to the car.

Once we were on the path back towards the pine trees and Gravel Hill I let her off the lead again. She got as far as the pine trees and then stopped. So I took a couple of photos. Here’s the little troublemaker looking very pleased with herself.

Jez has a rest

And here’s Max, who wanted me to throw cones for him.

Max intent on his cone

We’d been there a few minutes when Jez perked up and looked back along the path. Next thing I knew Jasper came hurtling along. This time he was with Judy, Kevin and son Joe, who took some nice photos of Jez. We walked back to the car with them and then came on home.

A year ago today

We had a sunny walk over Upton Heath.

Sun ahead of the coming storm


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