Max and I go to the river

Tuesday 28th October 2014

Its been ages since we’ve been to the River Stour at Cowgrove. The reason has been that when Max hurt his leg the vet said he shouldn’t swim for a few weeks. Plus, of course, he likes to chase after his cone in the shallower parts of the river, which, again, has been out of the question. But it was a lovely sunny morning and I decided he was well enough for a visit, so long as he didn’t overdo it. Jez decided to stay in bed and lie in the sun, so it was just Max and I.

When we arrived there were lots of seagulls by the weir at Eye Bridge, which, as I stopped to take a photo, took off. So I ended up with a shot that I really like.

Take off over the River Stour

I also took another photo of a little place I’d photographed back in the summer, now that the season has changed.

River Stour at Cowgrove

As we walked along to the playing place we passed 3 horses in an adjacent field. Here are two of them, all cosied up.


You may recall last time we came here the path to the little cove where the dogs play was closed as the National Trust were replacing a footbridge over a stream. Well that’s all finished now, and the new bridge looks very smart.

The new footbridge looks very smart

We got to the playing place and I let Max chase his cone in the water for a while. He was very happy. Here he is waiting for me to throw his cone.

Max is happy in the river

After that I took him further along to his swimming spot and let him have a 5 minute swim, so he was even happier.

Walking on round we found some cows in the field by the farm.

Yes. Can I help you?

Then we completed the loop, went to the playing place again, and finally headed back home. But not before I’d taken some more photos of the horses, including this one, of which I’m proud.


It was a shame Jez didn’t come – I think she’d have enjoyed it.

In the evening I went to see a physio as I’ve been getting a lot of pain around by right groin / hip / back which often feels like sciatica. The muscles there are very tight, so I thought I’d get it looked at and get some advice on exercise, stretches etc. But unfortunately he didn’t think he should treat me until I’ve seem my doctor as he thinks I’ve got something called adhesive capsulitis (or frozen hip) and he says we need to check out the underlying cause (possibly arthritis in my hip). I was so disappointed.

A year ago today

We had had a lot of wind and rain overnight and there were branches down over Upton Heath. Our walk was in the sunshine though. Here are Jez and Max in the small silver birch copse.

Sunlight, shadows and two dogs


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