In which we meet Ted

Thursday 30th October 2014

I was surprised when Jez decided that she wanted to come for a walk this morning. She has been very stiff of late and not really inclined to walk much. But she came and we went to Broadstone Rec. I couldn’t park by the cricket pitch as a big lorry was blocking the narrow road leading to it, so we went and parked by the playing fields. That meant that we started off on the dog walk through the woods.

Max on the dog walk

It did mean that I got to see this lovely shaggy parasol that I wouldn’t otherwise have seen though.

Shaggy parasol

We didn’t walk round by the cricket pitch and war memorial today as Jez seemed quite stiff. Instead we turned up the hill where the chickens used to be (the dogs are most upset they’re not there any more). Part way up the hill we met Ted with his family. Ted is a young Border Terrier puppy. He was very good and, as you can see from the photo, has lots of character.

Meet Ted

After that it was onto the playing fields for a quick game of cone and then back to the car.

In the summer the council had a problem with travellers parking on the playing fields, so they have put earth mounds up across between the car park and the playing fields. They are just rough earth mounds so look very unsightly, but they do have wild flowers growing on them. I know it has been warm, but I was surprised to see how many were in flower, including some poppies.


That’s very late for a poppy to be in bloom.

A year ago today

We went to Upton Country Park for our walk, at the end of which Jez and Max spent some time sunning themselves in the car before we came home.

Chilaxing in the car at the end of their walk


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