Upton Heath the wrong way round

Saturday 1st November 2014

This morning I cleaned as usual. This afternoon I took both Jez and Max to Upton Heath. Jez hadn’t been out in the morning and was really stiff. She was wobbling all over the place at the start of our walk. Normally on a Saturday she heads up the Roman Road, but today she chose to go straight on towards the old railway line and the pond.

When we got up onto the old railway line we were met with an amusing sight: a small spaniel had a very big stick.

A very big stick for a not so big dog

His owner told me that one was small compared to some he tires to take home!

We went onto Max’s favourite pond where Jez had a wade about.

Jez in the pond

After her dunking she seemed a lot livelier, so we walked up the hill to the viewpoint.

Heading up the hill

And this was the view looking back down the hill.

Looking back down the hill

It’s the view you are more familiar with as we normally walk the other way round. Then after a slight detour we walked back to the Roman Road and so back to the car.

A year ago today

I took this photo of a kerria japonica in my garden.

Kerria Japonica


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