A bit of a short walk today

Monday 3rd November 2014

I wasn’t expecting Jez to come with Max and I for our walk over Upton Heath this morning. We had light rain and heavier rain was forecast, and Jez really doesn’t do rain. So I was very surprised when she decided to come with us.

We parked and walked onto the heath. The rain wasn’t too bad and Jez didn’t seem very bothered by it, although she was pretty stiff. We walked up to the Roman Road and crossed onto the heath. I’m not sure if you can make out the large water droplets on the gate in this photo.

A damp entrance to Upton Heath

And that’s the only photo there is today. We wandered around under the pines and the rain got heavier. At which point Jez decided it was time to go home. My first thought was to drop her back home and then take Max back out again. But as we walked to the car the rain became really heavy. We ran. We got wet. I decided Max and I would give walking a miss and instead when and did my grocery shopping.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk on Canford Heath on a bit of a grey day.

Max on Canford Heath

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