The weather was kinder to us today

Tuesday 4th November 2014

The temperature has dropped considerably in the past few days. On Friday it was 19.5C. This morning when I left the house at 8.30am it was 4.5C. But at least it was sunny. It was still sunny (just) when I took the dogs out later on. We had another attempt to walk on Upton Heath and were more successful this time. And if it was raining heavily when we were under the pine trees yesterday, it was nice and sunny today.

Sunshine on the Bracken

But the clouds and rain were not far away.

Max on Canford Heath

It actually started to rain when we at Max’s favourite pond, but it wasn’t heavy enough to worry about and we continued our walk as normal. Down in the silver birch copse we spotted the Exmoor Ponies. I rather liked this one framed against the dying bracken.

Exmoor Pony

And Max is a very happy boy now that all of his old pools and puddles are once again forming on the heath: like this one by the boardwalk.

Max in the little pond by the boardwalk

In the afternoon Chris took Max out while I stayed in with Jez for a visit from her physio, Rachael. It was lovely to see Rachael again, and I think Jez enjoyed her massage. It certainly seems to have benefited her. As for me, I’d woken with a sore throat today, and as the day went on I felt progressively worse. By bedtime I was shivering and couldn’t get warm. Seems like I might have man flu (or a cold to us women). I can’t remember the last time I had a cold. Chris and I think it was several years ago.

A year ago today

It was a lovely sunny day for our Monday walk on Upton Heath where we met a group of walkers.

Jez watches a group of walkers approach


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