A bit of a bird theme going on today

Wednesday 5th November 2014

Max and I were lucky enough to have some sunshine for our walk at Upton Country Park this morning, although there was a bit of a chilly wind. Jez had decided to stay in bed and lie in the sun.

As we walked along the path we saw this lovely little robin.


Further on round the Canada Geese were busy grazing in the field.


And lastly on the bird front, I was amused by this Little Egret, sticking his head up from amongst the reeds.

Little Egret in the reeds

As I said earlier, it was quite chilly today and definitely felt autumnal. But looking up at the beech trees you could be forgiven for thinking it is spring instead.

The beeches are still green

I’m feeling much better today than yesterday, so am hoping this cold will soon pass. But it gave me a good excuse to curl up in the chair and have a little snooze when I got home.

A year ago today

We were trying to keep Jez calm while the fireworks were going off at night.

Jez in her thrundershirt with her peanut butter


4 thoughts on “A bit of a bird theme going on today

  1. Oh how sweet, Robins in November. We normally will only enjoy their beautiful song thru the spring months. They don’t seem to stay over the summer. So funny to see Canada Geese on you blog. We used to live at a local lake (I’m in Alberta Canada) and they would march around our garden eating everything in site….ugg. Once my neighbour had heard they didn’t like grape Koolaid. So she sprinkled it all over her yard. Nope, didn’t work but her yard ended up all purple after the next shower, LOL

    • LOL! They are destructive, aren’t they. And they leave such a mess behind. As for the Robin, are you sure it’s the same bird? I know from friends that the North American robin is different to ours – I don’t even think they are related. We’re lucky though. The robin is one bird that sings all year round, so we can hear its song even in the middle of winter.

      • Gosh, same Robin? I’m not sure then. I had no idea they’re diffferent than yours. Ours look pretty much the same. But you’re probably on to something. Lovely to hear birds all winter. We’ll get them coming out to sing on a sunny day but usually it’s too darn cold.

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