Christmas is coming to Upton Country Park

Friday 7th November 2014

It was just Max and I who went for a walk at the Country Park this morning: Jez stayed lazing on the bed in the sun. And it was a lovely sunny morning. Here are the ducks on the lake.

Sunshine and ducks on the lake

And further on round, the view over Upton Lake.

View over Upton Lake

I kept our walk fairly short as I’m still not feeling at all well. Rather than walk around the front of the house we walked through the gardens (which we’ve done a lot since Max hurt his leg). And guess what we found?

Getting Ready for Christmas

Yes, Santa is coming! I don’t hold out much hope for all that tinsel though, given the bad weather that is forecast for the coming week.

A year ago today

This is getting a bit spooky again – we were at Upton Country Park a year ago today. Here’s the view over Upton Lake.

Upton Lake from the old bird hide


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