The Landscape of Canford Heath

Thursday 6th November 2014

I still feel pretty rotten. This cold is lurking but not really doing anything at the moment. But it’s not enough to stop me taking the dogs for a walk. Today we went to Canford Heath. While Jez waited at the gate to say ‘hello’ to some approaching dogs, Max stood to attention on the path.

Max with his tail held high

The other three photos from our walk show something of the landscape of the heath at this time of year as the skies and light were great. This first one is taken looking towards Dog Leg.

Looking towards Dog Leg

This one includes one of my favourite trees on the heath.

Featuring one of my favourite trees

And this one is a view looking west which includes another of my favourite trees (the bendy one)

Canford Heath Landscape

And that might have been it for today, except that Chris treated me to an early Christmas Prestent: a ticket to see master baker Paul Holywood live on the first date of his British Baking tour down at the Lighthouse theatre in Poole. For those of you who don’t know, Paul is one of the two judges on the Great British Bake Off. He was also one of the two judges on the Great American Bake Off.

It was a bit odd. Chris had bought me a ticket right in the centre in the first row of the balcony. What was odd was that with the exception of about half a dozen seats, the first row was the only part of the balcony that was occupied! So it felt a bit weird. But I enjoyed the show. I took this photo just before Paul came on.

Ready for Btritish Baking Live

And here’s one of Paul doing his stuff (ie mixing a cake) live on stage. The guy to the right of him is holding the camera for the big screen at the back.

Paul Holywood does his thing

Anyway, it was an enjoyable and interesting evening, despite the fact that I felt really poorly when I got home. So thank you Chris.

A year ago today

Well, look at that! We were on Canford Heath and there’s that tree again.

Scots Pine

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