A very damp walk

Saturday 8th November 2014

I din’t do my cleaning this morning: I really didn’t feel well enough. This really is the cold from hell. Instead, I did some work updating the books for Chris’ company. I wasn’t very impressed, though, that their bank, Cater Allen, had taken their internet banking site down on a Saturday morning!

In the afternoon, despite the rain, I took both Max and Jez (yes, Jez actually came out in the rain!) over to Upton Heath. We only walked around the lower heath though. As you can see, the conditions weren’t great.

It was a bit of a wet walk on Upton Heath today

I only had my iPhone on me and, due to the weather conditions, didn’t take many photos, so I only have one other for you today. And that is of Max, who was really happy that one of his favourite puddles is back.

At least Max's favourite puddles have re-appeared

Not that Max looks very happy in that photo, but trust me, he was.

We walked back through the woods along Longmeadow Lane, and then came on home. After that I was ready for a bit of a rest.

A year ago today

It was wet a year ago too, but the acer at Broadstone Rec. looked wonderful.



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