We weren’t supposed to be walking at sunset

Sunday 9th November 2014

This cold is unrelenting, so it was another morning taking it easy for me – which included sleeping, something I never do in the day. After lunch, though, I did my duty and took the dogs over to Canford Heath for a walk. I was a little bit later leaving than I had intended, but it was still only about 2.30pm.

When we got to the heath Jez led the way, as usual. So we walked across to Steeple Close, and then she decided that she wanted to go down the Red Brick path. I didn’t want to go down the Red Brick path, so had to chase after her, put her on the lead and ‘persuade’ her to come back onto the heath. At the top of the path we met a few dogs, so Jez had to say ‘hello’, and then she decided we were going to walk along the southern path by the houses. I only let her go a short way, however, or our walk would have been too long. Even so, by the time we started up the hill to pick up the main track across the heath the sun was already starting to sink behind the gathering clouds. This was the view from part-way up the hill looking over Poole and the Purbeck Hills.

Sunset over Poole and the Purbeck Hills

Eventually we made it up the hill onto the main track, where Max was happy to find a large puddle.

Max has found a puddle

From there we cut across the heath to the stream, and by this time the sun was really starting to sink down to the horizon.

Max at the stream as the sun sets

When I turned around 180 degrees though, the view was rather lovely as the setting sun gave a burnished cast to the dying grass and bracken.

Canford Heath at sunset

By the time we left the stream it was starting to get quite a bit darker. I’ve had to lighten the foreground a lot in this photo.

The sun sinks over Canford Heath

And then there was that very large, ominous, black cloud.

A storm cloud approaches

If you look towards the right on the horizon on that photo you can also see that mist was starting to form over the heath. You can see it through the trees down at Hotchkiss Cross in this photo.

Mist through the trees at Hotchkiss Cross

I have to say it didn’t do much for my cough!

And then we headed back to the car. We were almost there when we heard the first long, loud rumble of thunder. I put the dogs on the lead and we hurried back. There was a lot more thunder and lightening as I got the dogs in the car and drove them home. And then, but the time we got home, it was all over.

A year ago today

We had grey skies that day for our walk on Upton Heath.

Grey skies over Upton Heath


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