Sunshine and sea

Friday 14th November 2014

We had some sunshine again this morning, which meant that while Jez stayed snoozing in the sun Max and I went down to the Baiter and Whitecliff Park in Poole for our walk. Max was happy to be back by the sea and after we’d walked along to Whitecliff Park he made a B-line for the steps and the water.

Max in the sea at Whitecliff Park

Sadly many of the cones I’m picking up at the moment sink, so although I threw a cone in for him to retrieve he couldn’t find it. He spent quite a while looking though.

We walked back towards the Baiter and Max headed for his next watery playing place.

Max hoping to play

It’s such a shame that he won’t go in the water and play around of his own volition. He just stands there waits for me or Chris to throw something for him. Today I chose not to throw anything at this spot (due to the sinking cone problem) and so we walked on to the beach area where he was a very happy dog.


You might be able to spot that there are quite a few dogs in the background playing in the water too.

We continued on round past the Baiter car park and headed in the direction of Poole Quay.

Looking from the Baiter to Poole Quay

If you are wondering what has caught Max’s attention in that photo I can tell you that it is a large, bloated, dead fish that was rolling around in the waves at the water’s edge. Max was scared of it!

We walked a few yards further and I threw a cone for his a couple of times more to wind up his walk along the beach. As you can see, waiting for someone to throw your cone is a very serious business.

Waiting for your cone to be thrown is a serious business

After that I put Max on the lead and we turned inland, as I wanted to go to a nearby shop to get a final birthday present for Chris (his birthday is next Tuesday). Max liked it in the shop. He got a big fuss made of him by the girl on the checkout, as well as a couple of doggie biscuits. He’ll be wanting to go back.

A year ago today

We were by the sea again, this time at Lake Pier, Hamworthy, where the canoe club had lined up their canoes on the beach.

Canoeing Club


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