Back to Upton Heath for a second day running

Monday 17th November 2014

It was raining again this morning when the time came for our walk, so Jez stayed firmly in bed, which meant that it was just Max and I who went to Upton Heath.

In the pine trees, Max was in pensive mood.

Max in pensive mood

I, meanwhile, found a few little Amethyst Deceivers, so was a happy bunny.

Amethyst deceiver

We walked on to the pond and Max had a game of cone, and then we headed on back to the lower heath where I found these False Chanterelles.

False Chanterelle

We also came across the Exmoor Ponies.

Exmoor Pony

It was pretty wet in places though.

It's officially wet

A bit further on, just before we got to the Roman Road, I asked Max to sit and stay for a photo. He wanted me to throw his cone in the puddle for him, and I think we can safely say that he wasn’t very happy.

Max is not happy at being asked to sit and wait while I take his photo

The woods along by Longmeadow Lane are looking rather lovely now that the beeches have turned to shades of beaten gold and burnished copper.

Longmeadow Lane woods

The yellows and bronzes of the sweet chestnuts add to the effect. Here’s Max ‘spoiling’ and otherwise rather nice shot of the stream along the Roman Road.

Autumn has definitely come to the Roman Road

As we got to the stream I think we rather took this squirrel by surprise. It didn’t know whether to run or stay still.

Squirrel, Longmeadow Lane Woods

But it eventually decided the sensible thing was to run so it turned tail and left rather quickly. I crossed the stream and took this photo looking back the way we had come.

Roman Road and Stream

And then we headed back along the Roman Road to the car, but not before Max stopped to play in the stream once again, by the little bridge. He managed to lose his cone, and I stepped into the water to show him where it was. And as I did I spotted lots of fungi growing on a silver birch at the side of the stream that I had missed before.

Pholiota aurivella

I think they are Pholiota aurivella. Some of them were quite large though.

And then after that we headed on home, so that I could do the grocery shopping and bake a cake for Chris’ birthday tomorrow.

A year ago today

It was a bit of a miserable day. Max and I went to Canford Heath for a walk, where I took this photo of Sweet Chestnut leaves.

Sweet Chestnut leaves against Silver Birch trunks


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