Today was Chris’ birthday

Tuesday 28th November 2014

It started off sunny, so Jez stayed snoozing. Which was a shame, really, as by the time Max and I got to Canford Heath the sun had disappeared. Jez’s absence did mean that we were able to do a slightly different walk and take the path above the crematorium – which was where we saw the cows.

Graing on the heath

We walked on to the top of Longfleet Drive and then took the path that runs in front of the old pit for a short way. This is where one of Max’s little pools can be found, so he made a b-line for it. As you can see, he wasn’t happy that I stopped to take a photo before throwing his cone.

Max is looking grumpy

A short distance along and we turned down towards the stream. But first, the big ‘hidden’ pond is back now that there is more water on the heath, so Max was able to have a short swim.

Time for a swim

Heading towards the stream this was the view across the heath (you can see what I mean about lack of sunshine).

Canford Heath landscape

Our next stop was the stream, where Max had another short game of cone. There was bad news though. Winter conservation work has re-started on the heath and this time they have cut down the trees near the stream that normally provide Max’s emergency cone suppy.

Conservation work has re-starated on Canford Heath

So we will have to make sure we have enough cones to play in the stream and nearby gullies in future.

We headed back towards the car via Hotchkiss Cross. As we walked down Longfleet Drive I took this photo of the few remaining Sweet Chestnut leaves on one of the trees there.

Sweet Chestnut leaves

And so we came home. I had made Chris the offer of us all going out together for a walk and having lunch out, but he had too much work for that. Instead we simply went for lunch at the St Peter’s Finger in Lychett Minster.

As usual in a pub Jez insisted on lying in the middle of the bar so that she could keep an eye on everything that was going on on and greet everyone who tried to get past her.

Jez like to take up a central position in the bar when we go out

We only had a light lunch. Chris had a cheese baguette and I had a hot dog.

Lunch is served

And last, but by no means least, the birthday boy – pulling a silly face for some reason.

The birthday boy pulling a silly face

Happy Birthday Chris!

A year ago today

Guess what? It was Chris’ birthday. Only on this day we had driven down to Deerpark Cabins in Cornwall for a short break. Here’s Chris about to tuck into his dinner that night.

Birthday boy


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