A walk at sunset on Upton Heath

Saturday 22nd November 2014

Well, of course, it wasn’t sunset when we set out, but it was pretty much by the time we’d finished. I think this is the first time in about 6 days that Jez has actually come out with Max and I, and that was because it was an afternoon walk. She seems to have pretty much written off morning walks.

I know I have at least one new reader who hasn’t seen Jez yet. so I made sure I took a photo of her today. Here she is standing by the pond.

Jez by the pond

Once again today we did our reverse walk over the top of the heath, so from the pond we walked up the hill towards the viewpoint. En route Max found a new puddle to play in (note the cone in the foreground which he has thoughtfully dropped for me).

Cone + Puddle = Playtime

It was a little bit of a murky afternoon, but the sun seemed to be trying to peak through over to the south west.

View over Upton Heath

We walked on past the viewpoint and round to the Beacon Road entrance, then headed back towards the Roman Road. En route we met our friend Holly, the standard poodle. Although she’s well past the first flush of youth Holly is still a really energetic and bouncy dog who just wants to run and play. I love to see her because she is always so happy. One day I will have to try and get a photo, but today wasn’t the day: the light was too poor and she is too quick.

As we walked down through Pinesprings the sun started to set. I tried a photo, but it was only really of the sun behind the tree tops and I didn’t think it was worth sharing. But by the time we got to the Roman Road it was lit up by a beautiful golden light.

The rays of the setting sun light up the Roman Road

And here’s another one (not the nest composition) from a little bit further down.

The Roman Road at sunset

Isn’t that light fantastic?

A year ago today

We had to leave our holiday cabin in Cornwall and come home, but not before Chris had snapped a photo of me and the dogs in bed.

There were three in a bed ...


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