It was a pretty miserable day again

Sunday 23rd November 2014

It didn’t help that my cough got worse, as did my hip. Other than making the rolls for our lunch I contented myself in the morning with fiddling around with photos and then taking some pictures of the birds visiting the feeders.

First we have a Coal Tit.

Coal Tit

Then a Blue Tit.

Blue Tit

And then a Great Tit with attitude.

Great Tit

Those were taken on the EOS 20D with the EF70-300mm lens on it. I’m trying to work out which camera to use for these shots as there’s a trade off. The EOS 6D has a full frame sensor so the longest focal length of the lens is 300mm, but the quality is much better and I can crop harder. Or I can use the EOS 20D with the cut down sensor, which gives an effective max. focal length of 480mm, but the quality is nowhere near as good. The jury is still out on this one.

At lunchtime Chris and I sat down to watch the Grand Prix, and see Lewis Hamilton drive to his second world championship. Congratulation to him. He deserved it.

After that I had a fairly late (for the time of year) walk with Jez and Max over Upton Heath. I only took the iPhone and didn’t attempt any photos until the sun started to set, when I took this one.

Sunset over Upton Heath

By the time we got home the sky looked as though it was on fire. I rushed to grab the DSLR and hurried to Creekmoor Ponds, but I was just a minute or two late to capture it. The photo I ended up with isn’t too bad though.

Sunset over Creekmoor Ponds

A year ago today

We were back home from Cornwall and walking over Upton Heath. I got a much better photo of the sunset that day.
Sunset, Upton Heath


One thought on “It was a pretty miserable day again

  1. Snap, I did just that too, made some photos of all the different birds coming to feed, the numbers are down since last year but there were Finches, Robin, Dunnock, Jackdaws, Sparrows, and believe it or not Rooks! Hope your health improves.

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