Today had very little to recommend it

Tuesday 25th November 2014

It was wet. It was miserable. It stayed that way all day. Although to be fair, it did stop raining for a short time while Max and I were walking over Canford Heath in the morning. I think you can get the general idea from this photo though.

Today had little to recommend it

There was one strange thing – something I have never seen before. There were lines in the clouds.

Lines in the sky

I haven’t got a clue what they are, although I’m sure they are a particular type of cloud, so if anyone does know, please can you tell me. I thought they were quite fascinating.

Back home and I had to turn out in even heavier rain. The physio recommended I do some swimming, and I couldn’t find my swimming goggles, so I had to go out to get some. Which was a bit of a waste of time, as it turned out that I could have bought them at the Fitness Centre where I went swimming in the evening.

Meanwhile, Jez was having a duvet day.

Jez is having a duvet day

She eventually got to go out for a walk when the rain stopped, shortly after 10pm.

A year ago today

It wasn’t a good day for Max. He had one of his thyroid and parathyroid glands removed. When he came home from the vet he was feeling a bit sorry for himself.

Max recovers after his operation


2 thoughts on “Today had very little to recommend it

  1. It has been raining here (central Florida, US) off and on for 3 days. Plus cold weather is coming. I ended up walking the dog in the misty rain early this morning. The weatherman says it’s supposed to be bright and sunny tomorrow (and colder)…we shall see 🙂

    • I have to say your comment has surprised me. Not because I don’t believe that it rains in Florida, but that I have a friend in Sarasota who has been saying how hot it is there. I hope the warmer, drier weather returned for you.

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