A bit of a grey day

Wednesday 26th November 2014

What today did have going for it, though, was that the cold wind had dropped so it actually felt a bit warmer. So while Jez stayed snuggled up in her duvet on Chris’ bed, Max and I went down to the beach at Hamworthy. For those of you new to my blog, this beach is adjacent to Ham Common, part of which we walk around, and is within the confines of Poole Harbour. The beach itself isn’t great, but the outlook is beautiful.

Max is always happy to go to the beach, and I was surprised that he wasn’t squeaking to be let out of the car as usual when we arrived. Once out of the car he headed straight for the water and I threw his cone for him as we walked along the beach. Here he is shortly before we headed up the steps to the Common. He doesn’t look very happy, but I’m putting that down to the fact that he’s soaking wet.

Back at the beach

We walked around the Common and headed for the lake (the photo wasn’t great due to the flat light and grey nature of the day so I haven’t shared it today), where Max had a swim. Then we went back down to the beach, where I took a few more photos. I’ve worked these up in black and white – it seemed to suit the flat nature of the light and the fact that the sea was like a millpond.

You can see what I mean from this first photo.


And then we have some of the moored boats.


We came home and I wrapped Max up in his towelling coat to dry, after which he snoozed on the sofa.

A year ago today

It was a lovely sunny day, and as Max was still resting after his operation and Jez was snoozing in the sun I took myself off to Kingston Lacy.

Kingston Lacy house


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