Cold and Dismal

Monday 1st December 2014

I can think of better ways to usher in December that the weather we had today. The temperatures have dropped (although not excessively) and there was just grey cloud all day. Being a Monday meant that it was time for our walk on Upton Heath. After only having a short walk last night, Jez came along too this morning. I think she was pleased she came – we met lots of dogs, which always makes her happy.

Our walk took us around the lower heath. We went to Max’s favourite pond, where he had a short game of cone, and then we cut back through the old pits. Max had taken to going and standing at the edge of the pond there, ever hopeful.

Max is ever hopeful standing by the pond in the old pits

He needn’t think he’s going in there though. He comes out a sort of light yellowish-brown colour. Which I suppose is better than if he goes in the other pond a bit further up, when he comes out bright orange. It’s the clay in the water, you see.

So we walked on round and didn’t even get to meet the Exmoor ponies, who were grazing off in the centre of the heath. So the only other photo for you from today is of Max in the woods along Longmeadow Lane.

Max in Longmeadow Lane Woods

After that it was back to the car and then home. In the afternoon I started writing my Christmas cards. I haven’t finished them though.

A year ago today

We went to Upton Country Park for our walk.

Boardwalk, Upton Country Park


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