Down by the riverside

Wednesday 3rd December 2014

We had sunshine again today. It was too good an opportunity to miss, so I took Max to the River Stour at Cowgrove. For those of you new to my blog, this is part of the National Trust’s Kingston Lacy estate, just outside Wimborne. Max was a happy bunny.

Back in the River Stour

As you can see, we walked to the sheltered bay where the children and dogs play, and Max had a game of cone. Then we walked on to his swimming spot, and he had a short swim. From there we follow a stream bed up to the farm, and at this time of year it can start to flood (being a stream bed, as it is). But you can still walk along most of it (there is a slightly higher path at the side for when it’s flooded). We came to my favourite oak-of-many-faces, and I thought the second face (in the shadow in this photo), looked a little grumpy today.

The face at the back looked a bit grumpy today

Perhaps he wanted to be in the sun too.

We walked on past the farm, where I tried to get a photo of some lovely cattle. Sadly Max had splashed water all over my lens and with the sun reflecting off it, the photos were hopeless. Eventually we got back to the bridge by the playing place in the river, so Max had another game of cone, before we headed back to the car.

The horses are still in the field beside the path, and one of them came to see us. It completely ignored the barking dog at my side, and I was able to take some photos and rub it’s nose. This is my favourite of the photos.


Don’t you just love those blue eyes?

Just before we got to the car we took a detour over Eye Bridge. I was rather surprised by what I saw. I’ve called this particular shot ‘What’s wrong with this picture?’

What's wrong with this picture?

Did you spot it? There is a fallen tree lying right in the middle of the river, lodged on the ford above the small weir.

There's a fallen tree lodged min-stream on the ford

Given that the farmer takes his tractor across that ford, I think they’re going to have to try and put a rope around it and drag it off, unless the river floods shortly.

Back over the other side of the river a group of mallards were taking a mid-morning nap in the sun.

Time for a mid-morning nap

And lastly for today – Max on Eye Bridge.

Max on Eye Bridge

I had a bit of trouble keeping my shadow out of that shot!

A year ago today

It was a bit of a grey day for our walk on Canford Heath.



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