A sunny afternoon on Upton Heath

Saturday 6th December 2014

Well, at least, it started out sunny, and it finished sunny, although by that time we were in the shade. But the low afternoon sunlight early on in our walk made for some good photo opportunities, mainly of the dogs.

First we have Max under the pine trees.

Max in the sunshine on Upton Heath

We walked on to Max’s pond and then round the the little boggy pools at the bottom of the hill, which were reflecting the trees and sky nicely.

Reflections in a boggy pond

And in the light the dying bracken looked like burnished gold.


Meanwhile, a horse, galloping by, had caught Jez’s attention.


She was fascinated and watched it as it galloped up the hill.

Jez watches intently as a horse gallops by

Just as we started to walk up the hill, though, the sun went behind a big cloud.

The sun ducks behind a cloud

And it stayed there until we got to the Roman Road. We walked on up the hill, by which time it was feeling decidedly chillier, and the horse came galloping down again. The rider slowed to a walk when she saw us and I grabbed hold of the dogs, but then let Jez go when she said the horse was used to dogs. Jez wandered over, but I hung on to Max as he has a tendency to bark. The lady rode on, and we continued up the hill. I took this shot from the Viewpoint.

Late afternoon light over Upton Heath

And after that we headed home, where I bathed Max as we are off visiting tomorrow and he was getting a little bit smelly.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk down Parkstone Bay.

Does that mean I can't go in Mum?


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