An afternoon walk in the sunshine

Monday 8th December 2014

Yes, I know I normally walk in the morning during the week, but today Jez had a physio appointment in the morning. So I stayed home with her and waited for Rachael, her physio, while Chris took Max out. That meant that I got to do the afternoon walk, and it was lovely and sunny.

We went over to Upton Heath, as usual on a Monday, and walked around the lower heath. Here’s Max bringing his cone back in the small stand of pine trees.

Max brings his cone back

And Jezebel, under the same trees.


We walked on round to the pond where Max had a quick game of cone, and then walked back through the old pits. The pond in the bottom of the pits is not particularly attractive, but it was looking very nice today in the late afternoon sunlight.

The pond in the old pits

We walked on and saw the Exmoor ponies grazing near the silver birch coppice, but they weren’t in the right place for me to get a decent photo of them. I did manage to get a photo of Jez with the sun behind her, though.

Jez with the sun behind her

The way the sunlight is catching her outline it looks as though I’ve Photoshopped her into the photo badly!

And that was it as far as photos were concerned. As we walked on the sun was sinking too low to get any more decent photos.

A year ago today

The sun was setting over Canford Heath.

Backlit tree


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