A trip to the beach

Wednesday 10th December 2014

Hamworthy beach to be exact. It was only Max and I: Jez decided to stay snoozing.

It was lovely and sunny when we got there, and we played cone all the way along the beach.

Bringing the cone back

After we left the beach and walked around the cliff top it started to cloud over, however. I took this silhouette of a tree on Ham Common, looking out over Poole Harbour, as we headed to the lake for Max to have a swim.


Here’s another view taken from the Common and looking out over Poole Harbour towards Arne. I love the sun coming through the cloud (and yes, that is the colour version).

Poole Harbour

After Max’s swim we headed back to the beach.

Max on Hamworthy beach

We didn’t walk the far side of the pier, as normal, as we have stopped giving Max his Metacam on the vet’s advice, so I don’t want him to sieze up too much.

A year ago today

If I went for a walk I don’t think I can have taken the camera – it was most probably raining – as I only took a couple of photos of the dogs in the evening. Here’s Max with a somewhat chewed foxy.

Foxy comes to check on a sleepy Max


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