Sunshine all the way

Saturday 13th December 2014

Who said the 13th was unlucky? It has been a lovely sunny day today, and due to Jez’s decisions on where exactly we were going to walk on Upton Heath, we managed to catch the sunshine for our whole walk, until it finally set below the horizon. Being low December sun it also cast a wonderful light.

So we started in the pine trees as normal. Here’s Max concentrating on his cone.

Intense concentration

Meanwhile Jez stands in the bracken and sniffs the air.

Jez sniffs the air

We walked onto the pond.

Waiting by the pond

Where Jez suddenly had a turn of speed for some reason.

Jez has a burst of energy

And then over the little hill to the small boggy ponds where Max was still looking very serious about his cone.

Max is still looking very serious

The light and the still waters of the little pools there are great for reflections.


On to the next gully at the bottom of the big hill, and while I threw the cone for Max I put a treat on one of the small wooden posts for Jez.

Time to eat that treat

So we walked on up the hill and I expected to then cut across to the Roman Road and the shade. But Jez had other ideas and took us round the back of the hill where she joined Max in one of their favourite little watering holes.

Jez and Max

By the time we headed back down the hill the sun was setting over the heath.

Sunset over Upton Heath

And when we got to the bottom of the hill it was just dipping below the horizon.

The sun sinks below the horizon

We were out for a long time today, but it was a lovely walk. After all, you have to make the most of the sunshine, don’t you?

A year ago today

We had a bit of a damp walk on Canford Heath.

Jez wanders along the path


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