How could you miss that?

Wednesday 17th December 2014

Max and I went to Upton Country Park this morning. We started out in the Woodland Walk as usual, where they had been doing a bit of tree felling. I had just been taking a photo of the felled tree when I stopped to chat with a lady walking her dog. I commented on the tree. She said, “What tree?”. When I pointed it out we both laughed. I mean, how could you miss it? It’s actually alongside the path.

A tree has been felled in the Woodland Walk

It’s amazing what we can miss when we’re miles away, thinking about something else and not actually looking.

Max and I walked on towards the lake, but today I stopped off at the small boardwalk there, where they have been coppicing the willows. This lets in the light and, over the long term, improves the habitat.

Max on the boardwalk by the lake where the willows have been coppiced

They have also been clearing out the stream that leads into the lake, much to Max’s delight.

Max finds the stream into the lake that has been cleared

From the lake the stream runs parallel to the path then cuts under it and runs along to Max’s usual stream-spot.

Max in his usual stream

In the field near the stream there was a huge flock of Canada Geese. I tried to get a photo, but to be honest, it was pretty uninspiring, so I haven’t published it. As we left the stream and headed back along the shoreline a train went past and blew its horn, which spooked the geese and they took off. They flew too low to get a photo, but they landed again on Upton Lake, where we found them a little bit further on.

Lots of Canada Geese on Upton Lake

And lastly for today, the sheep.

Once park of a mighty oak

That branch came off a the large oak tree there, and is looking good now it is wet and starting to decay.

A year ago today

Reflections in a puddle on Canford Heath.

Reflections in a puddle


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