The same but different

Saturday 20th December 2014

Yes, it’s Saturday so it must be Upton Heath for our walk today. Normally, we walk up around the viewpoint. Today, however, as I thought Jez was a little stiff and it was very windy, we walked around the lower heath. It was a bit grey when we got there.

Grey skies over Upton Heath

We walked around to Maz’s favourite pond. En route I took this photo to give you a slightly different view of the heath.

By the ponds

Once we’d left his pond we reached the point where we had to make a decision: carry on up the hill as normal or turn back for the lower heath. Jez, and the stiff breeze made the decision for me.

As we walked on round the sun came out. Here’s Max posing for me.

Max in the sunshine

And Jez – not quite in the sun today.


We also bumped into our friend Benji.

Our friend Benji

And that was it for today. After we left Benji it was time to head back along the Roman Road to the car and home.

A year ago today

We were down at Parkstone Bay in the sunshine, where I took this photo of a lovely little Turnstone.



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