The Canford Heath Landscape (and Max!)

Tuesday 23rd December 2014

There was no blog post for yesterday I’m afraid. I took my Dad to the eye clinic in the morning so never took the dogs for a walk.

This morning it was only Max who wanted to come with me, so we went over to a rather bleak looking Canford Heath.

Jogger on the path

At least it wasn’t too cold though, and I soon found myself taking my gloves off and undoing my scarf and coat. Max, meanwhile, decided to pose for me amongst the heather.

Max in the heather

And in one of his puddles.

Your cone is in your mouth Max!

Now I should point out that at this point Max had part of a chewed up cone left. He stood in the puddle waiting for me to throw it for him. The only problem was that it was still in his mouth. It’s that big bulge you can see to the right of his face! He is a daft boy at times.

And so to the landscapes. This was the view over Poole.

View over Poole

I rather liked this tree with all of the cones in its top branches.


We walked a bit further on across the heath before turning down the old coach road before turning back across the heath and heading back to the car.

Canford Heath landscape

Turning my head slightly south from where that photo was taken I saw this view of the tree line. I loved the sky behind the trees.

Tree line

And so we came back across the heath to the car. But not before taking care not to step on this beetle which was wandering in the path as we headed to Hotchkiss Cross.

Beetle on the path

A year ago yesterday

Rain heads towards up on Upton Heath.

We're definitely going to get wet


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