It was a brighter day today

Saturday 27th December 2014

We had sunshine in the morning, but of course that was for Chris’ walk. It had clouded over more in the afternoon for our walk over Upton Heath, but the sun did occasionally break through. As there was a cold wind again I kept to the lower heath for our walk. As usual we walked through the pine trees, along the path of the old railway line and then on to the pond. We were rather surprised to see that two visitors had beaten us to it though.

We were surprised to find ducks on the pond

Max ignored them, being far too interested in his cone, until they decided that it was time to leave when he turned and watched them.

Max watches as the ducks take off

Can you spot them in the photo? The male is easier to see, whereas the female is just a blur that blends into the bracken and grass.

And here they are flying away over the heath.

There they go

This was one of the moments when we had some sunshine, which made the pond and the heath beyond look rather nice.

The sun has come out

Jez was in the shade however. Nevertheless, I am still really pleased with this photo of her.


And so we walked on. Just before we reached the mittle silver birch copse I heard one of the cows bellowing over by the main path, we we went through the gate to have a look. I just caught this one bringing up the rear.

Bringing up the rear

This photo seemed to work much better in black and white as it was taken in the shadows.

And so the sun started to go down on us. It made a rather attractive scene as we headed home.

Sunset over Upton Heath

And we may have had some sunshine, but it was pretty cold in the wind. So I treated myself to a cup of hot chocolate when I got in.

A year ago today

Max and I walked over a very wet Canford Heath – there were even puddles on the hills.

There are even puddles on the hills


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