Sunshine and ice in Wareham Forest

Sunday 28th December 2014

As it was a lovely sunny day we went out to Wareham Forest again this afternoon. I even left earlier so that we could make the most of the sunshine.

Winter sunshine in Wareham Forest

Max was a bit confused as the puddles were frozen.

Max in a frozen puddle

Meanwhile Jez was busy making new friends.

Jez isn't too sure

They were a bit big and bouncy for her, but she insisted on going over and saying ‘Hello’. After that she came trotting along after us.

Jogging along

The only problem with coming to the forest on a nice sunny day, though, is that most of our walk is in the shade, so it rather defeats the object. Here you can see the sunlight through the trees.

Sunlight through the trees (2)

There was also a lot of the path that the sun hadn’t reached at all, so all of the little ponds were still frozen solid.

The pond is still frozen

Even the Dragonfly Pool was frozen, despite having the sun on it.

The dragonfly pool is frozen too

Max managed to climb in the only corner of the pool where the ice had been broken.

Max in the dragonfly pool

The Gruffalo Pool wasn’t frozen though, since it is part of a fairly fast flowing stream, and the trees were reflected nicely in it.

Max by the Gruffalo Pool

We walked on round, taking in the last, very muddy part of the Sika Trail that we normally avoid but which Jez insisted on following today. And then it was time to head back to the car in the late afternoon sun.

Heading Home

In fact the sun was really low and in my eyes as we came to the gate so that I didn’t see the rider on the horse waiting there for us to pass. Fortunately both dogs were really good and were stood quietly to the side of the path when I caught up with them.

A year ago today

We went for a walk on a very muddy Upton Heath and met our friend Oz, the deerhound, who sadly moved to Cornwall with his owner last summer.

Ozzie is looking very dapper


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