Max and I have a long walk out at Badbury Rings

Wednesday 31st December 2014

It was supposed to be cloudy this morning, so I was surprised to awake to sunshine. Even the promised wind hadn’t appeared. So as it was a lovely morning and Jez chose to stay snoozing in bed I took Max out to Badbury Rings for our walk. For those of you new to this blog, Badbury Rings is an Iron Age hill fort in the car of the National Trust. People have lived there since long before the Iron Age though, and there are Bronze Age burial mounds scattered around the place too.

Our walk today took us out along the paths to the north of the Rings, and back round via King Down. This first photo is of Max close to one of the gates out of the Rings themselves.

Max at Badbury Rings

We walked on round to find that the ground was still frozen solid where it was in the shade, even though it’s warmer this morning. Just north of King Down farm I stopped and took this view across to Lambing Cottage.

Lambing Cottage

We continued on along the track in the sunshine.

Down the Lane

When we turned the corner to head towards Lambing Cottage I took this photo looking across the fields to Bradford Farm.

Bradford Farm

We walked out past Lambing Cottage itself and onto King Down. There I cut across the field contaning two round barrows. It was a bit muddy, but taking this footpath cuts off a big corner. Here’s Max standing in front of the two barrows.

Max at King Down Round Barrows

as you can see, it was starting to cloud over by this time. The sun came out for this shot of one of the barrows though.

King Down Round Barrow

As we headed back to Badbury Rings this telegraph pole, lit up by the sun with the green field and dark sky behind it, caught my eye.

Telegraph Pole

And so we walked back to the Rings. Normally we walk back through the centre to the car park on the far side, but today I walked around the inner most ring to the south of the hill fort. The light by this time was really interesting and I managed to take my best photo of the day. I’m really pleased with it.

Looking south from Badbury Rings

I hope you like it too.

A year ago today

Jez was very busy – snoozing on the bed.

Jez snoozing


2 thoughts on “Max and I have a long walk out at Badbury Rings

    • It does, doesn’t it? I tried playing around with a copy of it in Photoshop and applying some of the artistic filters, but actually the original looks so much like a painting that it didn’t make much difference so I gave up!

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