Muddy paws and ponies on Upton Heath

Monday 5th January 2015

It was another cloudy, damp day today and, being a Monday, Max and I walked over to Upton Heath. Because of his eczema I’m having to keep him out of the water (other than up to his knees), so this morning he got his revenge and walked straight through the middle of thick, black mud.

Muddy paws!

A little bit further on and we met the Exmoor ponies, all three of which were standing right in the middle of the path. To stop Max barking at them I took a cone out of my pocket and threw it for them. But people must be feeding them, although they are asked not to, as they saw my hand go in my pocket and immediately came over looking for food.

Exmoor Ponies

Since they are not exactly tame and can be a bit uppity I was fairly cautious, which is more than can be said for the ponies who today wanted to get up close and personal.

Time for a close-up

In fact, that one (which I think is the gentler of the three whom Jez likes to say hello to), got very close.


So I decided it was time to move on.

I have one last photo from today: a black and white of the silver birch trees a little further along the path towards the Roman Road.

Silver Birch trees in winter

And after that we came home, where I took down the Christmas decorations, packed them up and put them back in the loft for another year.

A year ago today

Max took advantage of the fact that Dad and Pat came to dinner.

Max snuggles up between Dad and Pat


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